Karan Jackson

Age: Not as old as Manny but older than Cheungy ;-)

Day Job: Domestic superhero ( aka Mum) but also Admin for a chemical company

Discipline: BMX

Coach Since: 2016

Lives: Ramsbottom

Rides: BMX

Karan has been cycling since there were solid tyres on bikes ( approx 40+ years)!

Like Manny, before the internet I was a bit of a tomboy. I swapped my perfectly good ladies shopper bike for a Raleigh Dirt Burner. My neighbours brother took me along to a BMX track ( RVR in Heywood) and away I went. Got as far as the 1986 British Championships.

Motivation to be a coach: I used to coach shooting and I loved seeing the looks of achievement on kids faces when the lightbulb clicks on and everything clicks into place. It’s the same with BMX. Wanted to help especially with really newbies whilst my own daughter was training. Love being a BMX mum but love being a coach too

Rides BMX. Have also tried MTB but wasn’t sure 😉 currently unable to ride due to a shoulder injury but hoping to be back on two wheels soon – miss it loads