The Team

Team SBHub

Centre of Excellence in partnership with Holmes Cycling & Burnley College Elite Young Athlete Programme.

An outline of the Team goals, vision and philosophy (mission statement), what kind of riders thrive in the team, the history so far and why we are a centre of excellence for talent development.

Team SBHub was added to the CSP family in 2017, progressing rapidly as a result of collaboration between our coaches, Burnley College and Holmes Cycling, plus experienced rider mentors, parents and of course our young riders themselves.

Development and progression comes from a number of sources and key people:

  • A core group of experienced internal and external coaches
  • Experienced senior rider mentors and training partners, including Pendle’s Olympic champion SB
  • Approachable team leadership, rider/parent liaison and communication
  • Clear progression criteria identifiable by all riders
  • Burnley College sports department support and testing
  • Team sponsors
  • Supportive parents

Team SBHub Mission Statement

Through the Team SBHub Centre of Excellence we aim to support riders with personal ambition and drive. To support those who wish to compete at regional and national levels and to give them the opportunity to develop the strength and mental agility that allows them to progress and compete at the highest levels.

Matt Finnegan wins the Pimbo 60km race in March 2019 for Team SBHub

Team Vision

To guide and mentor teenage riders as they become committed racers by supporting them with facility based training sessions at the Steven Burke Hub. Ensure access to excellent coaching and exposure to local, regional and national competition.

We build rider confidence, technical and physiological knowledge within a team environment, galvanising a sense of belonging, team loyalty and friendships.

Our priority is the progression of riders into the junior ranks (16-18) who are equipped and ready for national competition.

Rider development is underpinned by 1:1 coaching programmes age 16+ when appropriate, race promotion to ensure solid preparation, team equipment, sponsorship and financial support when competing at national series races.

This vision is endorsed by Olympic champion Steven Burke OBE.

Team Riders (Junior 16 – 18)

Riders will have regional and national race experience at youth level and are ready for a step up in both training intensity and personal commitment. This will include sessions at the Hub, weekend road riding in the off-season, training camps and gym work. The opportunity will be available to support team riders with subsidised 1:1 coaching when appropriate. External coaching provided by Holmes Cycling.

Team Riders (Youth 14 – 16)

The defining years for a young racing cyclist are never easy to pin down, but what we do know is that there are no World Champions aged twelve. What we also know is that under twelves should enjoy a combination of leisure riding, coached sessions, a sensible local and regional race programme as well as exposure to some national level competition if appropriate. Ideally, they should partake in other sports too, with no pressure and no prescribed coaching.

Learning the basics and developing on-the-bike skills are the most beneficial aspects, as they develop a love of racing. That’s why the age entry level to Team SBHub is Youth ‘A’ 1st Year minimum (age fourteen on the 1st January in any current year).

Youth riders should also reach laid out progression criteria and ideally have spent time within the CSP/RDP groups where opportunity exists to mix, train and ride with older riders.

If you would like to speak to the team about rider recruitment and development please call Peter Boast on 07971 624612 or email