Team SBHub - Sponsors & Partners

Team SBHub has a number of high profile sponsors who assist the racing and coaching programme in a number of ways. The team is enormously grateful for all the assistance from every sponsor and partner.

"I would like to give my personal thanks to all of the Team’s sponsors and partners, they have bought into what the Team and centre of excellence is all about. Team SBHub was launched in 2017 and I was asked if I was I ok with the name, the vision and goals for the team and of course I was. The concept is unique within a Junior team environment, developing riders at grassroots with a coached pathway to National and International competition. Our partnership with Burnley college and Holmes cycling continues to grow also. You can read more in The Team.

I am proud to say that I am as much a part of the team and shared goals as the coaches and riders. With three Olympics behind me and recently retired from GB International selection I will assist in any way I can.

Approaching young rider development as we do, Team SBHub has placed coaching, knowledge and mentoring above all else. Of course kit and equipment are important, especially at an Olympics but building first the desire, then knowledge, then experience, equals rider development, rider improvement, and then results for the teams young riders.

Our Team sponsors and partners ensure we have the resources to deliver a supported Junior race program and coaching framework. Thank you to everyone involved."


We are proudly supported by the following organisations.