Please use the form below to request a place on the next available session.

New riders must be able to ride unaided, have a bike in good mechanical condition and must have gears for road and track based cycling. Mountain bikes, Cyclocross Bikes and Road Bikes are all acceptable.

For the BMX sessions, BMX, Dirt Jumpers or Mountain Bikes can all be used on the pump track.

We will ask you to complete a parental consent form at the assessment session, and a parent or guardian is expected to stay during the session.

CSP has a limited number of bikes and helmets for hire if you need these, and only available for a limited period. (£1 per session payable on the day).

How to Join

Come to a trial session with us, then decide if you want to join and come to regular sessions. If you would like to talk to a CSP official, please tell us in the form below and we will call you back. This may take a while, as we are all volunteers.

Annual Membership Fees

Youth / Junior Membership Fee:
£10 per year

Senior / Adult Membership:
£20 per year

Family Membership Fee:
£30 per year

Fee per session: 

Rookies /Skillz 1 / BMX – £11 per rider per month
Skillz 2/3, RDP – £16 per rider per month

Get Involved

Enter your details, and the cyclist’s details below, we will get back to you with information for attending sessions. No payment is needed at this stage. If you want a CSP official to call you, please tell us in the comments.