Our Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff can be found here. Click on a coach for further details.

Neil Welsh

One of the club’s founding members and a former chairman. Road cyclist since the days of toeclips and downtube shifters. Known to pin a number on and race, but generally only every 3-4 years as life keeps getting in the way. Passionate about getting people out into Lancashire’s lanes and cafes, whilst trying not to get dropped by the pesky young ‘uns.

Karan Jackson

Like Manny, before the internet I was a bit of a tomboy. I swapped my perfectly good ladies shopper bike for a Raleigh Dirt Burner. My neighbours brother took me along to a BMX track ( RVR in Heywood) and away I went. Got as far as the 1986 British Championships.

Andy McGhie

Started riding BMX: At the age of 10 and quickly got into racing at local club races, then moved to to regional and national races. From this point onwards action sports in general have been my passion in life, be it skateboarding, BMX or mountain bikes, as long as the wheels are turning, I’m smiling.

Manny Bashah

Before the advent of the internet, we used to spend all day on our bikes making ramps and jumping off them. Developing our flatland skills was all we did and this was the foundation for our love of BMX riding and for our mountain biking when we then started MTB.

Simon Cheung

I have been on bikes for as long as I can remember. Started out going on MTB rides with friends, then progressed onto racing DH and building jumps. Had a break from riding then got back into racing DH in 2009. Have been known to win a race or two when I can stay on, have also been known to be injured…a lot.