The Team

An outline of the SBHub team, the teams goals and philosophy (mission statement), what sort of riders we have in the team and the history so far.

Team SBHub has developed over a short period of time and is the result of an outstanding relationship between riders, coaches and parents. The approach is rider-centric first and foremost, and a huge emphasis is placed on matching riding skill and aptitude with track road or TT race abilities. . There are rider development pathways within the CSP/RDP family and these ensure that talent from within the CSP Club is identified and developed.

Development and progression comes from a number of sources and key people:

  • A core group of experienced internal and external coaches
  • Experienced senior rider mentors and training partners
  • Ready, willing and supportive parents.
  • Approachable team management, rider/parent liaison and communication
  • Clear progression criteria identifiable by all riders

The Team SBHub Mission Statement:

Through the Team SBHub Centre of Excellence we aim to support those riders with personal ambition and drive. To support those who wish to compete at regional and/or national levels and to afford them the opportunity to develop strength and mental agility that allows them to progress and compete at the highest levels.

Matt Finnegan wins the Pimbo 60km race in March 2019 for Team SBHub

If you would like to speak to the team about rider recruitment and development please call Peter Boast on 07971 624612 or email