Team SBHub

Team SBHub is the aspiration of many riders that join CSP.

It is an acknowledgement of the hard work, dedication, hours of training, sheer determination and the innate ability of individual riders.

At this level, riders progress towards 1:1 coaching.

They are given the opportunity to develop physical strength and mental agility to allow them to compete at the highest levels.

We take the idea of nurturing tomorrows talent very seriously.

Through Team SB Hub we aim to support those riders with personal ambition. Those who wish to compete at regional and National level, including road and velodrome championships, are trained and encouraged by a number of our coaches. 

Annually between March and September the team will support Team SB Hub riders at National series races, stage races and championships. This means guidance over team development, access to enhanced training and a real sense of team spirit.

Team SBHub – Centre of excellence

We are confident our combined coaching expertise will progress team riders significantly and our aim is to prepare them for life in the senior ranks (18+) and onward. 

Progression to British Cycling talent programmes, or alternatively equipping riders as they move into higher education or university, is important to us so they can apply themselves to continued improvement and a life time in sport. 

A number of riders will progress to Elite/Pro teams in the UK and abroad. CSP/SBHub will have provided the secure foundation for their future success.