CSP Ladies

Welcome to the Cycle Sport Pendle ladies page, or as we are better known


We are ‘gunner have a go at racing’, we are ‘gunner get fit’.

‘The Gunners’………Nobody gets left behind!!

In keeping with the Orange Army theme the CSP girls can expect the following:

Bike rides
everybody is included from our youngest ‘Gunner’ aged 9 to our oldest (age not known!!). Our aim is to have weekly rides, on quiet roads or canal paths etc……with of course a welcome cafe stop for tea and cakes.

so far as a club, we have cycled around the world, packed bags at local supermarkets and baked cakes for the CSP Road Race. All money raised goes towards club funds, any ideas are always welcome!

Keeping Fit
if not already! from regular riding, club rides, cyclo-cross or perhaps having a try at racing! Whatever your ability, cycling is good for you.

Squad Meetings
meeting up for a chat, getting to know each other, planning rides out etc. Girls sessions at CSP sessions – i.e. how to mend a puncture (providing there are no men about to do it for you!!)

This is what we are ‘gunner do’……..

Kirsti is ‘gunner’ cheer everybody else on whilst having a well earned rest!!

Nicola is ‘gunner’ attempt another cyclo-cross (as long as its not too muddy!!)

Janet is ‘gunner’ ride with confidence and enjoy the club runs to the cafe!

Christine is ‘gunner’ go on more bike rides.

Amy is ‘gunner’ train harder.

Sue is ‘gunner’ get fit.

Rhiannon is ‘gunner’ watch Amy race and ride out on nice sunny days.