CSP Dirt

The emphasis for the dirt side of CSP is to focus on the off-road skill element of cycling. Bunny hops, manuals, wheelies, balancing, slow speed and high speed manoeuvring, cornering and riding in a group.

The rookies do exactly the same without the bunny hops , manuals and wheelies but they will progress onto doing those once they progress into the experts group.

We also teach race skills; Gate starts, riding closely and safely, overtaking, pumping, race lines and how to get the best out of the bikes in a race. They don’t have to race to learn these skills but they are valuable skills to learn that can be used in most cycling disciplines.

For the more advanced group, we build upon the manualling, pumping and bunnyhopping and take them through the skills needed to get wheels off the ground. We teach them how to develop the “pop”, what to do in the air and how to land. Jumping is what kids both young and old enjoy so we take them through the ways to jump a bike and how to carry speed effectively once they land safely.

Trials is one of the areas that we are looking to develop upon so its a case of watch this space on that one, more than likely Spring/summer once we can get some coaches on board ( we have some we are going to cajole into helping out).

For anyone who hasn’t cycled before, they need to be able to ride a bike in general before they get to us. Places like GOVelo are adapted to that, so we ask that subject to the minimum age which for BMW/Dirt rookies is 7 they can ride unsupported.

There may be opportunities in the future for balance bikes so we can nurture riders from the very start, but it’s not something we currently cover.

Skills, Racing and confidence as well as being part of a big cycling family is what we are about, new friends, new experiences and places to ride.

We ride BMX, dirt jumpers, mountain bikes in both hardtail and full suspension guise and everything in between – if it involves mud, jumps, speed and fun then we get involved.

Our monthly mountain bike trips, although not strictly coaching sessions, are a social gathering for parents and kids to ride in varied places.

In the past year we have visited Hurstwood, Gisburn, Leeds Urban Bike Park as well as rides out in the Dales. Coffee and cake is usually the end game as we congregate in one of the cafe’s.

Pendle Panthers Pump Track

Finally, we now have our own purpose built pump track down at the hub so if you want to see us in action check out the video below: